Working with some of YouTube's biggest names (Nile Wilson, Andrew Henderson, and Charlie Morley) Sun-Pat has inspired fans up and down the country to come up with the next viral sensation to sweep the internet. Nile, Andrew and Charlie put the call out to their audiences to submit their ideas (we received thousands) and after a week of working closely with them to select a winner, the "Thirsty Crab Challenge" was born.

The Sun-Pat Thirsty Crab Challenge

To explain, the Thirsty Crab Challenge is simple – strike a crab pose, balance an open bottle of

water on your stomach, and see what you can do before it spills. Believe us it isn't as easy

as it seems...

How to get involved?

All you have to do is click on Andrew, Charlie or Nile below and check out their attempts at the Thirsty Crab Challenge! Then have a go yourself! Be as creative and imaginative as you can! Upload your video, tagging in either Andrew, Charlie and Nile in and use the hashtag #thirstycrabchallenge.


The competition is now closed.


Click on Andrew, Charlie or Nile